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All the Books – #1

Hi everyone!

I have enjoyed reading from a young age – one of the first series that I read was The Famous Five and I remember reading and re reading the series over and over again. Books have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but it has not always been an easy relationship.

I had a reading slump that lasted for years, but because I could not / would not admit it to myself I still collected books. Every birthday and Christmas I would ask for books from my family, and it became a bit of a standing joke within the family as they implored me to come up with some new ideas.

My slump, combined with my slightly out of control book collecting habit, full-time work and part-time study, has left me with shelves of books that have never been read. Recently this has left me feeling uncomfortable – after all, books are meant to be enjoyed and many of the books I owned were given as presents.

So, a couple of years ago I decided to read all of the books. It is a gradual process; I am not the fastest of readers and I still like to collect books so I am not sure that I am actually reducing my TBR! The difference is that I no longer just stack them on the shelf, I carry a book with me everywhere I go and read every day.

The only problem is that I still tend to prioritise new purchases over books that I have owned for sometime. So I have come up with a plan to help me read some of the books that have lingered on my shelf for longer than they should have. Every fortnight I will select a book ‘off the shelf’.

My first task was to update my goodreads account with all the books, which has been really fun and has reminded me of a lot of books that I really want to read, which should help with my first ‘off the shelf’ choices 😊 My second task was to come clean about my TBR, so here we go…

I have 453 books on my TBR!

This blog will chart my progress through my TBR. I am quite sure that there will be the odd addition to the list, there will be some that I don’t ever get round to reading, and there will be moments when I fall back into a slump. This blog will track it all; I look forward to talking about all the books with you.




6 thoughts on “All the Books – #1

    1. When I finished counting, I was quite surprised and overwhelmed! I have decided to focus on small batches at a time, otherwise it is just too much! And I will have to consider a book buying ban, but that is not my favourite idea. There are sooooo many good books out there. What tips worked for you?


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