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All the Books – #3

Hi everyone!

I cannot believe how quickly the year is going! Now felt like a good time to reflect on how well I am doing with my aim to reduce my TBR. I feel it is really important to note that both Christmas and my birthday have occurred since my last All the Books, which should give you an indication of just how well it is going… 😊

When I last completed a count I had 454 books on my TBR. This is what has happened since…

Books that found their way onto my bookshelves:

Subscription boxes
I was actually received a 3 month subscription box, Book Club Box, as a present for Christmas, my last Owlcrate box (at least, my last for now) and tried Fairyloot for the first time in February. As it stands, I will only be keeping up with my Fairyloot subscription. That is largely due to my location and the costs of the boxes, which become an awful lot more expensive once you factor in postage. Here are the books I received –

Christmas presents

Birthday presents


Oooops, this book missed the last count(s)
I am not sure how, but this book was not included in my previous counts. I would love to say that is because I had lent them to someone, but I think I just missed them 😊


Books I read:

Off the shelf
I am really enjoying reading these slightly forgotten books, but do find that fortnightly is a bit much. I think that is mainly due to the fact that I have received a lot of new books in this period, so am keen to read those. I am going to keep up with Off the Shelf, but might move to a monthly post for the moment.

And the rest…

This leaves me with a TBR of 496 books.

All in all, this has not quite gone to plan – I now have way more books on my TBR then when I started 😂

Is your TBR under control? Have you got any tips for helping me to get my TBR under control? Book buying bans do not seem to work for me as I become obsessed with a need to buy books, what works well for you? Let me know in the comments below.


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