Quick Quote

Quick Quote – #3

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Quick Quote! The prompt for this week was ‘Heist’. This had made the prompt list because I had recently read Six of Crows and I decided to use a quote about Kaz Brekker.

Why this quote?
This quote is all about Kaz for me. Whilst Kaz is a flawed character, his ability to keep going when the odds are stacked against him is astounding. He is the heart and soul of the Dregs, and whilst he doubts himself and acts in ways I wouldn’t dream of, he is single minded in his actions. Yes he makes mistakes, but he stands by those and he does look out for all the people in his group. This quote seems particularly poignant at the moment, that ability to keep going even when you have been broken and when all hope appears lost.


Have you read Six of Crows or Crooked Kingdom? Do you have any quotes about ‘Heist’ to share? Let me know if you have any prompts you would like added to the random prompt generator list.

See you soon


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