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Quick Quote – #7

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Quick Quote! The prompt for this week was ‘Saga’, based on one of my recent reads. Apologies, but I am late posting my selected quote this week – between work and home my attempts at organisation have gone out of the window. 😊

Quick Quote_8.jpg

Why this quote?

I decided to play on the prompt slightly – I wanted to see what saga stories are out there to see if I have actually read any. Wikipedia reliably informed me(!) that saga stories are mostly about Nordic and Germanic history, and this immediately got me thinking about a recent read – Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

This was a really interesting read, but I did struggle with the pronunciation of names, places etc. In the end it was becoming such a barrier to reading, that I purchased the audio book – best idea ever! Once I had heard some of the names, I was able to resume reading the book.

My favourite from Norse Mythology is Loki, so I could really only select a quote about him, and this seemed very apt.


Have you read Norse Mythology? Do you have any quotes about ‘Saga’ to share? Let me know if you have any prompts you would like added to the random prompt generator list.

See you soon


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