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Quick Quote – #9

Hi everyone

I thought I would do this a little bit differently, as these posts were largely taking over my blog. Instead of another post announcing the topic for the week, I tweeted the prompt yesterday. This weeks prompt was ‘Nevernight’, my current read.

Quick Quote_10

Why this quote?

This quote really sums up the thoughts I was having when naming my blog. I used paper trail in reference to the idea that the books we read leave a lasting impact on the reader. If you traced back what people had read you would understand so much more about them, including how the books they read had impacted their actions and beliefs.

I think we can all name books that have made us cry. Or books that we turn to for comfort. Or to make us smile. Or to remind us of the first time we read them. Even people who do not think of themselves as readers may have memories of special books they read as children, or sharing a story with others. Books really do leave a mark.

For those interested the rambles part of my name was not only about my reading journey, but also because I really ramble on in my posts (as the above description shows).


Have you read Nevernight? Do you have any quotes you would like to share? Let me know what you think of this quote in the comments below.

See you soon


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