Post Holiday Plans

Hi everyone!

i have just come back from a relaxing two week holiday that has left me full of energy and eager to make some changes. I had not realised how tired I was, how rundown I felt, and taking a break from it all was really needed. I did not have reliable internet connections and I think that was really useful, as it gave me some time to unplug and consider what I wanted to do next.

Well, one of the first things that I have decided is to apply to complete a Masters in English Literature, with a focus on Children’s Literature. I have been thinking about doing this since I finished my degree three years ago, but have managed to dissuade myself from even applying. Well, not any longer – I still have a few weeks to apply for the course that I want to do so that will be my priority for the next two weeks.

Secondly, I have wanted to try my hand at writing since I was 6 or 7. When I was in school, I was determined that I would be a writer. But I read some feedback that set me back and I have never been able to shake it. On my coursework folder my teacher had written ‘there are some beautiful moments, but awful quarter hours’. For someone who had only contemplated writing as her future career, this really hurt.

I do not have the highest level of self confidence and I allowed this to destroy the little that I had. Since then, I have done little to no writing at all. It has taken me years, but I understand now that my teacher was probably right with this feedback as I tended to underestimate the need to edit, and she would have been receiving little more than first draft stories. The first draft is just that; getting words down on paper, starting the creating process, committing to something.  It is not the finished piece – but it is the start of something.

So, I am going to start over with my writing. I know my first priority is to actually write 😊 It has been so long that I am really out of practice, so I will start small. I have decided to make a number of small commitments to get me back into the habit, with the focus on writing daily. I do not have a specific project in mind at the moment, but I feel I need to start exercising my writing brain. I have lots of books about writing, with thousands of prompts to get started, and that is where I will start.

I am not going to commit any further than that at the moment, otherwise I know I will become overwhelmed and not do any writing. But, I am going to update my blog to include updates on my writing progress, including things that have worked to help me get going. The focus of this blog will still very much be books, but it feels right to add my writing into the mix.


Have you struggled with your writing? What did you do to overcome this? Have you got any helpful tips or resources for someone getting started? Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon


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2 thoughts on “Post Holiday Plans

  1. I struggle with it non stop! I started writing a book last year, have over 130 pages written and just stopped. My self confidence got in the way yet again. My self confidence is a jerk! Just started writing again this week with the realizations that first drafts always need edits and aren’t perfect!! Best of luck to you on your new writing adventure!!!

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