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Quick Quote – #8

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Quick Quote! The prompt for this week was ‘VE Schwab’, one of my favourite authors.

Quick Quote_9_2.jpg

Why this quote?

Vicious was the first book that I read by VE Schwab, and I absolutely loved it. This book is so much more than your typical good vs. evil superhero story. This book really explores what it is to be a hero or villain and tips it all on its head. Full of morally grey characters, there are twists and turns galore. The story is fast paced. You are so engaged with the characters, all of the characters. I may just have to ignore my TBR and pick this one up and read it again…


Have you read Vicious? Do you have any quotes by VE Schwab to share? Let me know if you have any recommendations for books like Vicious (seriously, I loved this book!)

See you soon


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